Today we spent the afternoon at home. Despite being a little tired after a week at kindy, CJ was determined to earn the last token needed for him to open a surprise. So, he helped me tidy the toys away in the toy room, so it was ready for our guest this weekend.

With that extra token he was allowed his surprise – a mixel! He was so excited – sat down and opened it immediately. And after a lot of concentration, he completed it all by himself.

And being at home meant, we had an amazing veiw of the port hill fires that are still burning. Mid afternoon I looked out to see a volcanic like plume of smoke rising high into the sky – the fire kept getting worse and moved towards houses.

We are far enough away, that we weren’t concerned for our place, but have plenty of friends who live in the “danger” zone, so we kept web site on reports all evening.

Just before bed, our friends were given the order to evacuate. So, we invited them to stay the night with us – it was a long night for everyone. Our thoughts are with the firefighters and everyone who been effected.