Today was a very busy day for LJ. We started the day by having a play at the mitre 10 playground. There were some other kids there about his age, so they all started playing together, which was lovely to watch.

We then headed round the supermarket for a couple of essential bits, before meeting S2 at the swimming pool for LJ’s lesson.

It was the first time S2 has seen LJ in a lesson and he was very impressed by how far LJ had progressed in the last year. Today they put the life jackets on and LJ was more than happy to swim by himself!

After swimming LJ had a haircut. And he impressed everyone with his good behaviour – not only did he sit in the seat by himself, but compared to last time he hardly complained or cried at all. Hopefully we have turned a corner with haircuts!

Then it was time to get back to pick up CJ from school… What a busy day out and about!